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What you will hear from my blog


B2B Compliance

B2B companies generally think they’re exempt – from everything! Dangerous. But how can you identify wireless numbers in social media sourced lists without crippling the sales team? The FTC says small/medium businesses retain their consumer DNC rights. So how do you register for free, and scrub, without giving away too many numbers?


Individual Compliance

As an independent professional phone sales person or administrator of multiple offices - whether Real Estate, Insurance Agent, Financial or Mortgage broker – it can be tough to keep your call protections in line. Especially with the 5 states banning even hand-dialed cell calls.


B2C Compliance

Who’s the most likely to file suit when you call? Previous litigants, of course. But how to find em’? And now we’ve had our first successful VoIP suit. What’s the best method of identifying, archiving and contacting cells? (Your lawyer will love you!) And what about changing state laws overriding the federal – 



Not a big fan of reading and videos? Prefer to talk over the phone? No worries, you can always contact me on my personal line at 561-317-3001. I don't always pick up the phone. But I do make every effort to field your critical compliance inquiries and point you in the right direction when you're ready! - Bob 

Hear from other experts


Dino Tsibouris - Technical Lawyer of the Year 2007-2011

Although we can't endorse any particular Do-Not-Call or TCPA solution service provider - we're a big fan of Bob's laid back, home grown delivery describing the latest compliance challenges and solutions for businesses. A fresh, easily understood and entertaining look at the constantly changing world of outreach communications.   


David Kaminski - 2013-2015 MAP Chair ACA International

Bob’s commitment to pointing out today’s DNC & TCPA challenges and solutions is important for our industry. Finding solutions to confusing and conflicting compliance regulations is critical.  And, as we wait for much needed reform on these laws, Bob reminds us to take call prohibitions seriously – as they have serious ramifications, especially when dealing with class action litigation.


Michele Shuster
- Manager Ohio Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division 1997-2004

Neither my firm nor I can endorse any particular Do-Not-Call or TCPA solution service provider - However, as a former AG manager, I know first hand how difficult it can be to get "compliance" front and center on a company's radar! Bob's tireless efforts to help businesses find sustainable solutions to their calling challenges over the past 15 years has been a welcome voice in our industry. 


Eric Allen - Defense Attorney for Telemarketers 

As a Do-Not-Call & TCPA Attorney defending telemarketers against consumer lawsuits and government investigations,  I'm guessing only one out of 100 of my B2B clients knows the increased risks of marketing to other businesses lately. Bob has championed that cautionary voice - giving social media sourced list marketers a heads up with resources and solutions to safely communicate - so they don't end up in my office with that shocked look on their face after a letter from a State AG - 


Sergei Lemberg
- Recognized as "Most Active Consumer Attorney" since 2011

Please - listen to Bob when he talks about the latest call prohibition challenges and solutions. If I sue a telemarketer in federal court, I'm going to hit them up for $500 to $1,500 a call. I'm going to get a judgment against them, assuming they are viable. I register that judgment in the federal district court where they are located and I go ahead and do what people do with a judgment — lien the business property, bank accounts, and more. Believe me, you don't want to be caught in that position. 


Oh, did I mention you will also immediately get the FREE 2015 Guide to Do-Not-Call Scrubbing - Including Cell, Previous Litigants and VoIP!

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