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We include these Telemarketing Laws for Phone Solicitors Calling States with No Call Laws. Telemarketers must be aware of State, National "Do Not Call Laws" and Direct Marketing Association "No Call Laws" driven by consumers wanting to stop telemarketing calls. No phone solicitation laws, rules and regulations are constantly changing, and Do Not Call Law violations can carry serious fines and associated legal fees. Please click on the following links for the latest News on "Do Not Call Laws" and "Automatic Dialer Laws" and Legislation. And our bonus look into the archives of Copilevitz & Canter - #1 "No Call List" Attorneys in the Country.

FTC Fines are now $16,000. per violation. The FCC says it "will default to the more stringent of the two whether State or Federal DNC Laws". And some States (Like California) are issuing citations based on the National List.

When working with Predictive Dialers and Automatic Dialers, as they are now illegal by FTC declaration, (except with pre-existing relationships varying from state to state) please note: 1. No more than 3% of outbound calls may be abandoned 2. Calls not connected to an agent within two seconds must hear a pre-recorded message stating the name and phone number of the calling party. 3. Must not disconnect unanswered calls in less than 15 seconds or 4 ring cycles. 4. Caller ID must be provided by outbound calls. 5. Outbound calls must adhere to State and Federal permitted time calling windows, including time zone changes. (ie it's the time in the place your calling to that counts!).

Also note: The FTC demands you download their list every 30 days. Wireless and wireless portability every 15 days. Wireless, mobile, cell phone numbers may not be called with auto or predictive dialers, only hand dialing. See our Guide to Calling Cell Phones Here Do Not Call Protection represents the top companies in the Do Not Call Compliance business with a perfect 6 year track record.

State "Do Not Call List" Laws & Regulations

"No Call Law" Start Date

Telemarketing Fines and Penalties No Call Law Registry List Cost No Call Law Hours Call ID
AL Alabama 7/1/00 $2,000 35,456 $500 8AM-9PM Y
AK Alaska 11/4/96 $500 6,253 N/A 8AM-9PM Y
AZ Arizona 8/6/99 $10,000 40,256 NA 8AM-9PM N
AR Arkansas 1/1/00 $2,500 32,956 Free 8AM-9PM N
CA California not yet $500 ($1,000/subsequent) N/A N/A 8AM-9PM Y
CO Colorado 7/1/02 $2,000 737,700 $500 8AM-8PM Y
CT Connecticut 1/1/01 $5,000 426,000 $781 9AM-9PM N
FL Florida 7/1/90 $10,000 245,000 $400 8AM-9PM N
GA Georgia 1/1/99 $2,000 294,500 $10 8AM-9PM N
HI Hawaii 1/1/99 $2,000 4,562 N/A 8AM-9PM N
ID Idaho 5/1/01 $5,000 64,700 $100 8AM-9PM N
IL Illinois 1/1/01 $2,000 90,500 N/A 8AM-9PM N
IN Indiana 1/1/02 up to $25,000 1,264,800 N/A 8AM-9PM N
KY Kentucky 8/1/98 $10,000 610,000 $400 10AM-9PM N
LA Louisiana 1/1/02 up to $3,000 231,600 $800 8AM-8PM N
MI Maine 4/14/00 $500 17,600 $781 8AM-9PM Y
MA Massachusetts 7/13/03 $5000. 200,000 $1100 8AM-9PM Y
MN Minnesota 1/1/03 $1000. 150,000  $125 9AM-9PM Y
MO Missouri 7/1/01 $5,000 811,600 $600 8AM-9PM N
NE Nebraska 4/1/93 $500 23,400 N/A 8AM-9PM N
NY New York 5/1/01 $2,000 2,334,600 $800 8AM-9PM N
NC North Carolina 10/1/00 $500 67,921 N/A 8AM-9PM N
OK Oklahoma 1/1/03 $5,000. NA NA 8AM-9PM Y
OR Oregon 1/1/00 $25,000 94,000 $120 8AM-9PM N
PA Pennsylvania 5/31/02 up to $3,000 NA NA 8Am-9PM N
TN Tennessee 1/1/00 $2,000 756,101 $500 8AM-9PM N
TX Texas 7/1/02 $2,500 609,400 $200 8AM-9PM N
VT Vermont 3/23/01 $500 67,100 N/A 8AM-9PM N
WI Wisconsin 7/1/02 $100 N/A N/A 8AM-9PM Y
WY Wyoming 7/1/01 up to $5,000 4,700 $781 8AM-9PM Y

"Do Not Call List" Protection is a top provider of Automatic State "DO NOT CALL LAW" and State "NO CALL LAW" List Compliance Solutions for Telemarketers and provides this "DO NOT CALL LAWS", Rules and Regulations Chart for general information purposes only. This website and "DO NOT CALL LIST " Protection is not intended as, and should not be used for, the purpose of providing legal advice. For the latest in "NATIONAL DO NOT CALL LAWS" / "FTC DO NOT CALL LAWS" and "AUTOMATIC DIALER LAWS" / "AUTO DIALER LAWS" legislation, legal interpretations, and information please consult your state agency or competent "DO NOT CALL LAW" Attorney.

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