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"DO NOT CALL" Compliance Solution 1
Automatic Call Interruption in the switch of the Long Distance Carrier.
You get instant automatic "DO NOT CALL LIST" Compliance without delay - numbers simply can't go through if on any State "Do Not Call Lists ", new National List, Direct Marketing Association, or your own in-house list. Rates are $.059 per minute for regular phone lines with 18 second call minimum/ 6 second billing. $.025 for T-1's . AUTOMATIC "DO NOT CALL LIST" PROTECTION IS NOW BILLED SEPARATELY AS A LINE ITEM AT $.050 PER NUMBER LOOKUP. Example: If you have 60,000 calls placed per month totaling 200,000 minutes, your cost for automatic protection is $3000. ($.05 per call placed X 60,000). Easy website access included to add or subtract numbers. In-state long distance will be slightly higher in most cases. Please note: Calls must hit the switch of the long distance carrier to be protected.
Our Opinion:
You would be hard pressed to beat this Automatic Interruption "Do Not Call" Protection program. It's the perfect "do nothing" complete Do Not Call compliance system - complete with backup records of each number stopped for proof of do not call compliance at any time. Please call 800-800-5002 or click here to contact us.

"DO NOT CALL" Compliance Solution 2 - Click Here to signup now!
Single User "Quick Check" $17.95 Month/2000 numbers checked! Multi-user 10 "Quick Check" ID's $100./Mo

Our "Quick Check" Internet based DNC Number Checking system - as endorsed by the top three Real Estate Companies - is now available individually for Mortgage Brokers, Insurance Agents and Financial Institutions. Check up to 2,000 numbers in groups of 1 to 100 instantly. (Additional group discounts available). Includes complete archiving of your included DNC Policy, In-House list and Agent Training as required by law. This is the same system Fortune 1000 Companies have been using to protect their Agents - With a perfect five year track record!
Easy "Quick Check" sign up here - $17.95/mo:
To sign up, just click on the above link. Remember to paste the supplied discount code under "Security Code". Have your credit card ready. You'll be billed monthly, and may cancel at any time. You'll also need to register with the FTC as requried by law (complete instructions included, and the first five area codes are free!). For questions on signup, or multiple Quick Check discounts, call me on my personal line at 561-317-3001 or click here to contact us. This is the most cost effective, non-invasive system on the market for individual agents - backed by the dominant DNC Law player in the business. Note: You must use the supplied discount code to get the $17.95 price. Otherwise it will bill at $20./mo. For multiple Quick Check ID Discounts call me at 800-800-5002.
"DO NOT CALL" Compliance Solution 3
Check 100,000 numbers per month for $150. through our website.
New National DNC List Compliant - Our Core Product. Check against all remaining States Do Not Call lists, new National List (with separate registration), Direct Marketing Association list, Wireless (extra charge) and your own in-house list before you call - quickly and easily through our website. Numbers are accepted in any text format. Check 100,000 numbers in under 30 seconds! Additional volume discounts based on usage. Call Centers - perfect for running multiple FTC compliant campaigns at the same time!
Our Opinion:
Easy, queeky-clean and cost-effective "safe harbor" protection under the new FTC, FCC and State Do Not Call Laws. If you make lots of calls or use predictive dialers, our complete Do Not Call Business Solution plan is for you. We actually store your in-house list in our database, download your FTC list (separate registration required), along with remaining States Do Not Call lists and Direct Marketing Association list, to give you the most complete and cost effective compliance solution in the business. Includes total archiving of your included DNC Policy, In-House list and Agent Training as required by law. Get third party verification on all your Do Not Call List Compliance requirements. Call 800-800-5002 or click here to contact us.

"DO NOT CALL" Compliance Solution 4
Essential Compliance Marketing Tools & Secrets -

From SalesForce Integration and Data Cleanup to For Profit College Admissions -

SalesForce users: Quick Check is now integrated into SalesForce at low, competitive pricepoints. Call Bob for the latest details at 800-800-5002.

Keep your existing Do-Not-Call Procedures - and still get the security of working with us!: We'll handle the heavy lifting! - As your Central Data Repository with automatic access to updated Federal, State, Wireless, Canadian and Wireless Portability lists. In the background and fully automatic, you get to keep your current DNC systems - while your data makes a quick stop at our repository for final certification. Great for squeaky clean, no kidding, up to the minute get out of jail free DNC compliance - data is time-stamped, archived, and available in the timeframe and format State and Federal Authorities want it should a problem occur.

For Profit College Admissions Compliance Evaluation Program: Are you admissions practices and processes fully compliant with Title IV requirements? Developed based on our years of experience assisting career colleges with consumer regulatory compliance. To participate in a Webinar or for more information, call Bob at 800-800-5002.

Data Cleanup: Bringing numbers back into your calling universe - area code changes, new addresses, code splits may indicate new callable records right in your own database. Plugged into 4500 telcos for up to the minute data refresh. Also - find associated information when you have the phone number - or phone number when you have associated information. You can even use it on your Company Specific Internal List to bring back up to 17% of those "dead" numbers into your calling universe!

Complete Consulting Services for Larger Companies: Compliance Audits, Telemarketing Registrations, Written Guidelines and Development, Forensic Data Analysis to assess your own compliance technology, Third Party/Vendor Data Analysis - we can even serve as your Oursourced Compliance Officer handling all the critical compliance duties. Call Bob directly for more into at 800-800-5002.

New Mover Data: Be the first to call when a family moves into their new home.

Crime Data: For Security and Insurance sales calls. Relayed from Police Stations all over the Country in near real time. Pick your catagories - neighborhood specific.

Am I calling a Business or Consumer? Business ID identifies, dates and archives numbers as registered with the Local Telco - either business or consumer! This information is critical when soliciting that "grey" area - "Are they really a business or a consumer?" Registration with the local Telco is the only sure way of knowing as required by law.

DNC Online Training: Put all your online training courses in one place with our web-based, secure, easy to use customizable training the learning system - Now employees can have one source for all their training needs.

Compliance from the Ground Up - For Larger Companies: Consumer Preferences and Consents, spot data collections, making the customer king by only contacting them how, when and where they want. This is a dream product for marketing experts at larger institutions wanting Amazon.com type compliance marketing abilities at a budget price.. Call Bob for more information at 800-800-5002.

Bring numbers from your Internal Do Not Call List back into your calling universe: Designed to combat the decreasing calling population, we identify area code splits and updates, Disconnects/New connects, time limit expirations to bring back "graveyard" numbers legally into your calling universe. Designed to perform hygiene processes on your company-specific Do Not Call List. Caution: Don't try this one on your own!

Our Opinion:
With a shrinking total of callable numbers, Do Not Call Protection will continue to seek out creative ways of adding to your calling universe - with an existing relationship exemption or not. Start creating your permission-based marketing model now. Ask Bob about proper wording on product registrations, allowing you to call whenever you want. Remember: Written permission to call trumps all other do not call laws until rescinded by your customer. So check in from time to time to our "Tools and Secrets". You might find your sitting on some priceless information that's begging to be recycled. And always feel free to call Bob direct at 800-800-5002 or personal line 561-317-3001or contact us.
"What if something goes wrong with your "Do Not Call" Protection Program?"
If something goes wrong - We stay with you...
In the unlikely event you have a problem with a States Attorney General or individual suit on any of our programs, the solution you chose will provide: 1. The date on which you called the consumer, or scrubbed his number, depending on which plan you're on. 2. Provide the date on which the person filing the complaint actually became "live" on their "Do Not Call List". 3. Provide you with a Certificate of Compliance. This lets the consumer or Attorney General know you are working with one of the top three Do Not Call Compliance providers in the Country. To date we have had no successful lawsuits on any of our programs.

Our Opinion:
The three most common excuses we hear for not having proper "Do Not Call" Compliance Protection are: 1. "We have our own in-house checking program, so we're O.K." 2. "Our Lawyer told us we're exempt from the DNC rules because we don't actually complete the sale over the phone". 3. "We're going to take a 'wait and see' attitude".

When seeking DNC Compliance Protection advice from an Attorney, please make sure it's one of the top in the industry, like Copilevitz & Canter, to make certain you know what's really happening in the courts. Too often we've found Attorney's suggesting a business is exempt from DNC Laws, only to have that business caught up in needless - litigation.

As far as "wait and see..." Here's how it works. If you have a complaint filed against you, that State's Attorney General doesn't much care about that one violation. If you're a big company, first he'll ask for your calling records for an entire month. Then he'll find 20 or so violations at $5,000. apiece and voila. A $100,000. fine. Even if he can't find anything, you're now on his radar screen. You've been flagged as a company to keep an eye on.

With regard to in-house checking programs. Unfortunately, even if you do a great job AND you are technically exempt because you don't complete a sale during the call - in many cases it doesn't make alot of difference. It's still "you against them", and State's Attorney Generals are under intense pressure to find a business to successfully sue. This risk will be compounded in October as new National Laws are on "top of" these State Laws. Third-party verified and fully receipted DNC checking solutions, as provided in our programs, get your company effectively away from this dangerous - and expensive - "you against them" posture.

Finally, our systems are inexpensive and easy. When business owners start to understand how dangerous these DNC laws really are - how they are changing every day - how they can take your years of building a reputation in an industry and end it all overnight - and how easily these laws can be avoided - it's a smart and easy choice for us to work together!


Our Disclaimer: Please note: These are the personal opinions of Bob Traylor and are not intened as, no should be used for, legal advice. For legal advice on Do Not Call Compliance Protection and various solutions consult your proper State, National or qualified "Do Not Call" Attorney. Do Not Call Protection is the #1 Ranked Provider of DNC Compliance Solutions on the Internet.

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