Quick Check Special: $10 mo/2000 #'s checked (Minimum 5)


Quick Check allows Agents to identify both Do-Not-Call and Cell numbers with one easy tool. 

Now that FCC Commissioner Wheeler's Declaratory Ruling has effectively increased consumer TCPA fines, robust call protections for business Agents are more important than ever.

Quick Check can help protect your Agents against the ravages of the Do-Not-Call Laws by easily checking and archiving numbers before calling.

And Quick Check's new cell phone checker now tracks and archives those pesky social media sourced consumer and B2B numbers.

  • Try it for 30 days.

  • Cancel anytime.

  • Minimum 5 Quick Check ID's - Total $50./Month. 10,000 numbers scrubbed.Quick_Check_Illustrations_Now_Includes_Cell_Phone_2


Why Quick Check?

Quick Check is internet based, simple to use from the office, on the road or at home. Quick Check is essential for Insurance Agents, Real Estate, Mortgage Brokers, and now fast moving software and technology salespeople in the B2B environment - anyone reaching out to consumers and small businesses for squeaky-clean no kidding call protections.

The Quick Check program has an impressive 12-year track record and is the most comprehensive program available in the Do-Not-Call and TCPA Compliance Industry for Agents. Your independent and captive associates will use it, (unlike a cumbersome 800 number based lookup) because it's easy - and they'll create that data track record as required for safe harbor survival. Further, as an administrator, you can check your “Dashboard” at any time to see how Agent number checks are progressing. All for one low monthly all-inclusive fee.


What will Quick Check Do?

  • Allow Agents to quickly enter 1 to 100 numbers at a time into the internet-based system.

  • Gives instant feedback on number calling status. 

  • With this ten Quick Check ID minimum, you'll get a total of 20,000 lookups per month (2000 X 10 ID's), Totals are "combined" whether you use just one Quick Check ID, or all of them.    
  • Includes required "Safe Harbor" recordkeeping like DNC Policy, Agent Training, Maintenance of Internal DNC List - and accurately documenting those efforts.
  • You can cancel Quick Check anytime without penalty.

  • Records are kept for six plus years and backed by the top players in our industry.


The Details

You'll need to sign up for your SAN (Subscription Authorization Number) at the National Registry. You may qualify for some exemptions with Existing Business Relationship or Business to Business Calls. Quick Check requires signed paperwork for your protection. Upon returning paperwork, your account will be active. Your partnership includes complete access to customer service, training and ongoing updates on call prohibition dates, holiday calling bans and more. A couple of States do require separate bonds and/or registrations. We want you to feel the love here with a Compliance partner that stays with you and is serious about protections - and we'll do everything we can to maintain that trust.