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How Do I Check for Reassigned Numbers on my Permission/Consent Calls?

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 10, 2015 7:30:00 AM / by Adam Drexler


The FCC recently confirmed: "that callers (must) check their call lists against available third-party databases of reassigned wireless numbers." Several of our readers have indicated they don't know what an "available third-party reassigned database" is - or where to find one. With only one major company providing this service and demanding huge upfront costs, we asked reassigned number expert and guest blogger Adam Drexler at Payfone to demystify the universe of Reassigned and "Recycled" number verification.

What is a Reassigned Number?

A reassigned number is one that has been either surrendered or disconnected and is now owned by someone else. It will take anywhere from a few weeks to several months for a number to be reassigned.

The Reassigned Number Dilemma. 

Phone marketers today know they need to verify numbers on their permission-based calls - looking for reassigned or "recycled" numbers. But they're not sure where to look or even what questions to ask a provider. No definitive list exists, as in the Do Not Call National or State Registries. The FCC has asked companies to seek third party help here - but what third party?

In the Past, Reassigned Identification wasn't very accurate.

The old model has been an aggregation of data sets from a number of different static databases with 3rd party data seeking anomalies and changes to gain a confidence score. Depending on the confidence score or range, the client then makes the determination which ones are ok to call or not. If your data coverage at the onset is less than ideal, how reliable can a confidence score be? Ideally, they want and need a yes or no to call. Not a best guess.

Today, technology allows "most accurate data" for 94+% of all mobile subscribers.

The new disruptor and paradigm shift is the ability to get live and verified data direct from the Mobile Network Operators or MNO’s. The market need is for a "real-time" solution now that the Safe Harbors of 'using best effort' are no longer compliant.  Real time and live verified data direct from the MNO’s using the right intelligence can process with incredible accuracy to answer “Is this my client?” with more certainty than ever. 

With this verified live data, we know we have the most accurate information available for 94+% of all mobile subscribers in the U.S. Using proprietary algorithms we can track a number of events over the line history including reassigned/recycled and other life events like porting to another carrier, real-time disconnects, lost phones and more.

Questions to ask your Reassigned Vendor.

  • Do you have access to real-time data direct from the Mobile Network Operators?

  • What Carriers are included?

  • How often is your data updated?

  • What is your accuracy rate and how is it tested


How do I get a low price, and how is it billed?

Reassigns are billed per-number-lookup, and can get expensive. I cannot speak for other vendors but know there have been significant costs and sticker shock from the “good ole” days of just scrubbing for line types. We are beginning to offer wholesale agreements with the Do Not Call Law Compliance Service Providers in your arena, Bob. 

Low pricing is all about volume. If you are not doing a large volume of TCPA permission based calls monthly, it is best to work with a vendor who will be doing volume business with a company like mine to have access to better rates. Think of it as a pooled consolidation discount.

"So what can I do this minute to solve my Reassigned Problem!"

We have finalized a couple of arrangements with DNC providers, and I would be glad to speak with your readers offline about that, or answer any questions that they may have. You can reach me via email here and I would be happy to arrange some time to chat further.  


For more information on Reassigned and Recycled numbers, please be sure to call. This information is for general Reassigned demystification only. And remember to discuss your specific situation with your Attorney before moving ahead with any compliance programs - Bob

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Adam Drexler

Written by Adam Drexler

Adam Drexler is Director of Business Development at Payfone, a leader in identity certainty.

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