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For the past 15 years we’ve helped individuals and companies comply with the Do-Not-Call and TCPA Laws with everything from our single agent Quick Check $50 monthly program - to robust business Do-Not-Call list scrubbing tools from 100,000 records on up.

Today, DNC Law legislations are ending up in areas we’d never dreamed possible. With the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau re-interpreting the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, along with consumer class actions in the millions of dollars – It’s more important than ever to make sure your DNC outreach initiatives, policies, and enforcements are up to date and ready to protect you in every facet of DNC/TCPA Compliance.

Now, Business-to-Consumer companies must scrub cells. It’s the first thing a regulatory agency will ask when they choose to monitor your calling procedures. But Business-to-Business companies must scrub cells also, with the new cell phone laws effective October 16th, 2013. Fast moving software and tech companies are getting tripped up by this  - using auto assistance when calling social media data sourced lists containing more cells. These days, you can add VoIP Scrub, Litigator Scrub and Reassigned Number Scrub to prudent company DNC initiatives - All are fertile ground for sharp plaintiff Attorney’s looking to catch businesses off guard.

Traditional outbound calling models continue to be met with ever more call prohibition resistance. One car warranty company told me they can only get to 20% of folks they need to talk with. So we’ve gone ahead and partnered with the very top inbound sales/marketing provider to take advantage of Google’s new algorithms and new technologies to supplement outgoing campaigns. Knowing what key decisionmakers are thinking in Social Media, bulletin boards and other outlets - for easy sales – is a great way to augment outbound efforts by “short circuiting” the Do-Not-Call Laws.

Debt Collectors have struggled with consumer outreach cell programs. So we now offer our Direct-To-Voicemail Cell Messaging solution that leaves a message without ringing the phone and without charging the consumer. Virtually eliminating consumer complaints – the smoking gun for the CFPB.

Our DNC  Dialer  Programs are Certified with the top Dialer Companies. And Call Centers that have traditionally handled compliance chores themselves, or had their listing company, marketer, data provider or other vendor handle DNC policies and procedures, are finding the stakes are just too high -  the fines too expensive - to partner with anything less than a full time Certified DNC Compliance Service Provider.

Finally, for our larger companies, we’re able to make the customer King through our Enterprise-Wide Compliance initiatives. And customer choice - based on a solid, sustainable compliance base - equals more long-term relationships, happier participants, and more money in your pocket!  It’s amazing what can happen when sales, IT, marketing, and legal are all on the same page. No more inter-department compliance bickering. Compliance chores have traditionally stood in the way of this new-found harmony!

And just for fun - the one area everybody leaves money on the table - Long Distance!

So enjoy these plain talk updates - and make sure you’re in the know on Do-Not-Call Protections, challenges and solutions.

Best Wishes –



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Bob Traylor


As the president and founder of Do Not Call Protection, I've dedicated my life to helping both companies and individual agents navigate, understand, and comply with the intricacies of the Do Not Call laws. Over the past fifteen years, I've worked with dozens of telemarketers, industry insiders, legal teams, and individuals just like you; learning the most effective strategies and Do Not Call Solutions.

If you have questions that need answers, give me a call today on my personal line at 561-317-3001 and lets talk. I'll help you know what works and what doesn't, and together we will set you up with the exact services to point you in the right direction towards becoming Do Not Call and TCPA compliant.