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Inbound Marketing Technology helps Telemarketers

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a microphone on every “water cooler” on the Internet? Well we do!  And we know what key decision makers are going to do almost before they do. 

Let’s face it; we’re watching our beloved outbound business calling model being constantly attacked. Call prohibitions are getting worse, not better. And consumers not only expect to receive zero calls, but we can count on them to give us a hard time even if our calls are compliant.


TCPA Compliant Inbound Marketing 3 Secrets - Click Video

This video is for informational purposes. Be sure to consult your own attorney for questions specific to your business.


Inbound marketing turns the table on this situation.

You don’t have to worry about compliant calling at all because you’re not the one making the calls. Your customers—the right costumers—are calling you!

Most inbound marketers and lead generators take advantage of Google’s algorithms to create compliant inbound sales leads. We do that, too, but we carry it a step further. We help you target your inbound messaging directly to the leads who are ready to hear it.

We actually make a copy of the entire Internet, hang out and monitor every watering hole on the open Web: social media, bulletin boards, business announcements and communications. We listen for the very specific “triggers” you’ve asked us to listen for. Theses triggers allow us to know when key decision makers are ready to make a move, almost before they do.

No more reading about deals after the fact, those transactions you’d give an eye tooth to be part of. Now, you can be everywhere you need to be online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And, you can listen only to what you need to hear—to get the right info before anyone else does. 


A top Auto Warranty CEO recently told me he could only get to about 20% of the folks he needed to call compliantly. Heck, most of us who’s business model was built on outbound calling haven’t even considered inbound a viable help. But knowing what key decision makers are talking about in every chat room, bulletin board, social and business outlet in the country – and filtering out all the noise, except for what we want to hear to make valuable contacts…Well, it doesn’t get any better than that for suplemental inbound sales. You’ll want to get the whole scoop on this, so give me a quick call. My personal line is 561-317-3001.

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