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Marketers need to Identify and Scrub VoIP

Although VoIP (voice over IP) calls are landline calls, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) often treats them as “paid calls.”

The TCPA’s restrictions protect not only consumer cell phones, but “any service for which the called party is charged for the call.” According to a recent federal court decision, this could include VoIP calls.


Marketers need to scrub VoIP lines now - click video 

This video is for informational purposes. Be sure to consult your own attorney for questions specific to your business.


VoIP Lines must be included in your comprehensive consumer scrubbing efforts. 

In the same way that we identify cell phones using the DMA wireless block prefix, we scrub against VoIP for records using the prefixes that identify them.  (For example, in the phone number 561-XXX-1234, the three digit XXX prefix would identify the number to us as VoIP or not.)


Accurate VoIP lists are not readily available – so you wouldn’t want to do this yourself. And some carriers continue to hide portions of their VoIP inventory. Our DNC experts have access to the top VoIP archives available today – and can easily add them to your already comprehensive DNC Scrubbing solution. Please feel free to call me about this critical calling filter on my personal line 561-317-3001.


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