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B2B Marketers Must Scrub Cells now

Business-to-business (B2B) cell phone calls are no longer safe from violating the TCPA.

The recent cell phone law update caught many tech, software, and other fast-moving business-to-business (B2B) companies off guard. Before Oct. 16, 2013, all eyes were on consumer cell phone numbers, but on that date, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act became “consumer agnostic,” meaning, in the eyes of the government, who you are and who you’re calling is irrelevant. B2B organizations - most of which routinely call other businesses using automatic dialing procedures - have quickly become major targets for TCPA violations.



Why B2B Marketers need to Scrub Cells now - Click Video

This video is for informational purposes. Be sure to consult your own attorney for questions specific to your business.


Many B2B companies do not have any cell phone or DNC compliance procedures in place at all.

If you’re calling cell phones using any kind of auto-assisted technology—including auto-dialers or recorded messaging—without written permission (which applies to nearly 100 percent of B2B calling), you must scrub, archive, and date these mobile identification procedures. It’s the first thing the CFPB will look for during an audit. And, it’s the first thing predatory attorneys will want to know in their quest to build class action certifications.

Lead lists containing cell phone numbers obtained through social media, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other third parties, are at particular risk. Your purchased lead list providers are now able to access personal calling data that was previously unavailable to the general public.

Your B2B cell phone calls—which you once thought were safe—may now represent some of the riskiest TCPA behavior.


Our best-in-class automatic cell scrubbing identification and archiving programs, backed by the top names in Do Not Call / TCPA protection, are a good first step in ongoing TCPA mobile phone safety. Whatever calling procedure you use for cell phone numbers, your first step toward compliance with the new TCPA regulations is identification.

Without it, you have little chance at defending yourself against litigation and threats. Accurate cell phone records are not readily available – so it’s important to use a top Do Not Call Law Compliance provider here that’ll properly scrub, date and archive your procedures should they be needed down the road.

Complete, updated cell phone records aren’t all that available. Our system updates cell phone records every day. Why? Because when a consumer has a cell phone, they want the solicitation calls to stop—and they want them to stop immediately! Not next week or next month – right now. And they have a much higher propensity to complain if they do receive a call.

Do-Not-Call Protection makes it easy to include cell phones in your automatic and/or manual scrubbing procedures under a single compliance umbrella.

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