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Do-Not-Call TCPA Compliance for Dialers & Call Centers -

For Telemarketers, Outgoing and Incoming Sales Calls: 

It’s more important than ever to get the right Do Not Call & TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) compliance answers from your hosted dialer or call center vendor. And extras like our Previous Litigator Scrub, as well as our Complete Visual History of your Leads for TCPA Compliance, can make all the difference in safe outbound initiatives. 

A Complete Video History of Prospect Intent Is Revolutionizing Dialer Call Center Safety.



Listen to Technical Lawyer of the Year and TCPA Defense Expert Dino Tsibouris talk about the importance of a complete visual history of prospect intent. 

DNC TCPA Complaints: 3 Biggest Causes - Click for Video

This video is for informational purposes. Be sure to consult your own attorney for questions specific to your business. (Special thanks to Christine Reilly for the content in this video - Partner and Cochair of the TCPA Compliance and Class Action Defense practice of Manatt Phelps and Phillips)


5 Critial DNC questions to ask your Hosted Dialer Company:

  • Does your call center vendor have an in-house Do Not Call solution or have they contracted with a Do Not Call law compliance specialist?

  • If the dialer company uses a third-party for compliance, are they certified to integrate with your systems?

  • How are the Do Not Call policies, procedures and enforcements archived?

  • What about Cell Phone, Previous Litigants and VoIP scrubbing?

  • Is the method of calling compliant with the type of phone being called?

Federal, state, cell phone, and in-house Do Not Call lists need to be compared with callable numbers, existing business relationship exemptions, and company exemptions. All this needs to be in the background, out of the way, yet always available and archived for proper Do Not Call and TCPA protections.



More Business to Business Callers are ending up in Court.

If your company makes B2B calls, it’s critical your vendor has an appreciation for state and federal cell phone restriction compliance. Five states have banned telemarketing calls to cell phones altogether (even hand dialing) without written permission. And that trend will continue.


After the Oct. 16, 2013, update to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, your B2B company could be an easy target for predatory attorneys—that is, unless your Hosted Dialer Company is working with a top Do Not Call Compliance Service Provider to properly scrub and archive your records.

When you work directly with a Certified Do Not Call Law Compliance Service Provider alongside your favorite call center, or one of our Certified Hosted Dialer Partners, you can rest assured you have the best Do-Not-Call protection available today.

Call me on my personal line at 561-317-3001. We’ll be glad to double check your procedures and help make sure you’re on the right path.


Update March 26, 2016: With the sharp rise in TCPA filings, up 38.9% this January over last, we've added a couple of videos on programs you may not know about. "The Secret to Eliminating most Class Actions: Litigator Scrub!" Litigator Scrub has recently become an effective way of just not exposing your Call Center, Hosted Predictive or Power Dialer Operation to the rigors of Professional TCPA Litigants - as they continue to reap payouts in the millions. Our "Complete Lead History of Prospect Intent for TCPA Compliance" revolutionizes Call Center safety. It actually creates an irrefutable Tivo type video playback of the prospects every affirmation on your lead form. One-way collected information can only be accessed with an inquiry "match" - keeping you out of trouble with data collection and privacy laws. (Others collect readily accessible problematic contact data.) We average two or so lawsuit dismissals a week with this Godsend! - Bob 


It’s always better you ask the tough compliance questions of your hosted dialer or call center before state agencies, federal agencies, and private right of actions do. If you already have a hosted dialer or other vendor handling your calling chores, we will be happy to point you in the right compliance direction or introduce you to one of our Do Not Call Certified Hosted Dialer Partners. These partners have undergone rigorous testing to fully integrate with our Do Not Call and TCPA compliance procedures – cutting down on needless list loading and reloading for your IT and technical team. And knowing if your equipment has been certified as an Automatic Telephone Dialing System or a Manual Dial System for proper call method protocol.