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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Not Call Protection

[fa icon="plus-square"] Do B2B callers need to identify and scrub cells now?
After October 16th, 2013, companies making business-to-business calls cannot dial cell phones using any kind of auto-assisted equipment without written permission – which covers virtually 100% of B2B calls. Getting your calling lists from sources that include social media outlets like Linked-In, Twitter and Facebook puts you at risk. Your first line of defense against call prohibitions is to identify or “scrub” cell phone numbers.
[fa icon="plus-square"] As a B2B company, should I register with the National DNC list?
According to the FTC at a recent PACE Conference: Yes. The position:  Just because a small to medium business makes their number available doesn’t mean they give up their consumer DNC rights for that number. You can save money by registering under the B2B exemption on the National DNC Registry. But keep in mind, that's the beginning of compliance here. You'll still need to scrub, archive and update DNC procedures ongoingly.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How do I know if my call center is TCPA Compliant?
Before taking the plunge with your dialer and/or call center, make sure you’re asking the right compliance questions. Like: Does the hosted dialer company have an in-house DNC solution, or are they contracted with a specialist? Is the third party compliance provider certified to integrate with your systems? How are DNC Policies, Procedures and Enforcements archived? Remember: You are responsible for reasonable oversight on your contracted call center operations.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Is a Previous Litigant Scrub important today?
Yes. These are the folks that have sued callers at least once. And you’ll want to stay away from them at all costs. Although it’s a small group, less than 70,000 consumers, they know what they’re doing. They have their own websites, training and legal specialty help. And 40% of them have sued more than once.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How do I protect multiple offices with remote agents?
With our easy and fast Quick Check number checking tool, multiple offices can scrub against individual or small groups of numbers (up to 100 at a time), as needed, instantly - even over your intranet. No technical experience necessary. This has become the gold standard for Individual and Multi-Agent Remote DNC Protection, backed acked by the top DNC Compliance Provider in the Country.
[fa icon="plus-square"] 5 States have banned cell calls altogether?
True. AZ, LA, NJ, TX and WY don't allow calls to cell phones, even on hand dialed calls. So it's important to include these in your scrubbing algorithms. Both our Single and Multi-Agent Quick Check, and more expensive scrubbing solutions, include these prohibited numbers in their Scrubs.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Do I need to identify VoIP lines on my call list?
VoIP is considered a landline call, so it's won't come up on your cell scrubs. However, we've had our first successful B2C VoIP litigation, as the consumer was paying for the incoming call, so it's important to include VoIP in DNC number scrubbing procedures. This feature is fully integrated into our present systems as a "prefix" scrub.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How do I know if I’m “Doing Telemarketing”?
If your calls are not purely informational in their purpose and their message – you’re probably telemarketing. Even if only part of your call is telemarketing, and part informational – you’re telemarketing, and subject to Do-Not-Call and TCPA Regulations.
[fa icon="plus-square"] What are the penalties for DNC list violations?
Federal penalties under the Do-Not-Call prohibitions are $16,000 per violation. The TCPA levies fines of $500. per violation, and $15,000 per violation showing intent. Class action TCPA and related suites can be in the millions of dollars. State fines are on the rise with various more stringent interpretations of the DNC & TCPA laws.
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