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7 Advantages of Ringless Direct-To-Voicemail Cell Messaging for TCPA FDCPA Compliant Calling.

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 18, 2015 7:30:00 AM / by Bob Traylor


Direct-to-Voicemail (or Ringless Voicemail) cell messaging allows you to send a voicemail message directly to a wireless phone voicemail server – without ringing the phone or interrupting the recipient, and without charging the recipient. The cell owner retrieves their voicemail as they normally would. The program creates lots of callbacks from consumers for your call center associates. Direct-To-Voicemail has been around about three years now, with over 10 million certified deliveries.


Direct-to-Voicemail has several advantages when reaching out in volume to existing-business-relationship consumers. Debt Collectors, Direct-to-Government Loan Servicers – any company looking to increase cell phone penetration and take a deeper dive into their mobile inventory can benefit. See our Blog: "How Ringless Voicemail Helps Medical Debt Collectors."


7 Direct-to-Voicemail Cell Messaging advantages:

  1. Direct-To-Cell messaging has a lower consumer complaint rate than even live associates.

  2. The Consumer is never interrupted.

  3. Our safe "Zortman" style message has a high listenability rate – as the consumer listens to your message when they are ready. (Standard voice broadcast calls have an extremely low “listen rate” for example.)

  4. This delivery method never touches the wireless network as the message goes directly to the landline voicemail server assigned to the cell phone. The consumer retrieves the message as they normally would. TCPA compliance wireless prohibitions are honored.

  5. The consumer is never charged for the call – and it never appears on his or her bill – in line with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act compliance guidelines.

  6. The program is aggressively priced for the average Business to Consumer Company with existing business relationships. Your company is only charged for carrier certified delivered messaging. Everything else is free, including pre-campaign free real-time wireless ID cell scrubbing.

  7. A high ratio of inbound returned calls – we consistently see 7% to 11% inbound return calls with this program. And the return callers know exactly what they are calling about!


Our Opinion on Ringless Direct-to-Voicemail:

Is Direct- to-Voicemail cell messaging the end all, be all, holy grail solution to your consumer cell phone outreach initiates? Probably not. But as a daily call add on – helping your highest skill set call center associates field and close those inbound returned calls, as opposed to exhausting themselves reaching out – we like this program. See our page and video: "Ringless Voicemail Broadcasting for Business."

There’s a lot going on with consumer cells on the compliance front. Direct cell messaging, really, at the end of the day, is the only form of reaching out that hasn't fostered consumer complaints. And that's a fact. As the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau continues to re-interpret the Telephone Consumer Protection Act – these consumer complaints continue to drive CFPB direction and follow-up. The FCC has recently ruled on 40 or so declaratory rulings in a single document, unfortunately creating more uncertainty for professional phone sales people. Class actions continue to be the 900 lb Gorilla in the room. Cell phone permission laws changed October 16th, so you’ll need to get your lawyer’s blessing on that front.


The bottom line on Ringless Voicemail:

Direct-To-Voicemail Cell Messaging can help penetrate your cell phone inventory without creating those complaints the CFPB is looking for. As with any cell phone program initiative, you’ll need to check with your legal team. But given the high level of consumer acceptance, combined with powerful callback creation, Direct-To-Voicemail appears to be a worthwhile addition to your already successful consumer communications initiatives.


For more information on Ringless Direct-to-Voicemail cell messaging, call Bob directly at 561-317-3001.

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