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B2B Companies find Litigator Scrub top TCPA Compliance Solution.

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 24, 2016 7:30:00 AM / by Bob Traylor

bigstock-Call-Center-Operators-2847089.jpgWhether you call businesses using an ATDS or click to call system, ringless voicemail, avatars or even live salespeople – you can’t afford to ignore the advantages of Litigator Scrub any longer. Maybe you’re calling in search of other business opportunity partners, even calling existing clients – you need to eliminate TCPA previous claimants before each communication. These are the folks that can hurt you. And they’re multiplying like gangbusters.


Maybe they’ll sue someone else - but not me.

Forty percent of these folks have sued more than once under the call prohibitions and will do it again. These people are hiding in your prospect lists, cold calling campaigns, “vetted” lists from trusted suppliers – they’re even on your existing client records. They love to sue under the Do Not Call and Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Do Pre-Litigation Letters lead to lawsuits?

That used to be the case. But today, pre-litigation letters and TCPA threats many times never make it to court. That’s why as part of our service, we allow participants to relay their experiences with pre-litigation activists. The folks sending out cookie cutter accusations and waiting for a response.

I thought B2B calls were exempt?

And so do most business callers - until they get served. Predatory attorneys know B2B’s are the easiest targets. And it’s all about the money. And just as easy to prosecute after the October 15’th 2014 cell phone law change.

I scrub for cells, isn’t that enough?

In the past, maybe. But things have gotten out of hand. These laws are so hopelessly slanted for the called party. Judges more often than not side against debt collectors, marketing companies, software providers, factoring companies, financial providers of small loans – Any business selling to other firms is particularly vulnerable now. Why? Because Attorneys are moving over from B2C as it's easier to find guilty parties. And it’s all about the money.

I also scrub the National DNC and State lists on my B2B calls.

You’d think that would do it, right? Eliminating the 20% to 25% of small to medium businesses that have their numbers on the Do Not Call Lists. You’d figure you’ve done everything possible to stay out of trouble. Wrong Amigo! Litigator Scrub can still help, because you've still got the traps. The intentional missteps designed to lure unsuspecting companies using the phone to communicate.

The 4 B2B problems Litigator solves:

1. You're calling businesses to benefit your business – not theirs.

As a B2B company, you’re calling business numbers offered on business websites for a particular service – say selling pizzas. But you’re not calling them to order a pizza. You’re calling to sell them your products. Like financing or software or factoring. If it happens to be a “dual-purpose” cell or VoIP line, you’re at risk. The FTC has made clear, “Just because a company offers their number on a website doesn’t mean they give up rights under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.” This is a messy area. And calling previous TCPA pros here is tough to defend against.

2. You can't believe Litigator Scrub can help because you're B2B?

You wouldn't think B2B numbers are on Litigator Scrub, right? But these are call prosecution pros. Many have moved over from B2C to the greener (and easier) B2B pastures. The ones that share information with each other. The ones that can mess you up in whatever you’re doing to protect yourself. If you spend $50,000 to defend yourself and win, you’ve lost. If you spend $50,000 to defend yourself and lose, you’ve lost. It’s a catch 22. The only way to truly win is not to play the game. But most companies find out too late.

3. Calling without Litigator Scrub is a dangerous decision today.

You won’t hear about how bad the Telephone Consumer Protection Act is hurting legitimate callers, because the vast majority of altercations are settled out of court. It costs less to pay off predatory Attorneys and professional consumer litigants than to proceed with litigation. But it’s risky in that you never know when payoffs will even be accepted. Or the amount is even reasonable. Or if litigation does proceed, if the Judge will grant class action status. Now you’re talking about every call you’ve made for the last five years as a potential $1500 fine.

bigstock-A-young-employee-disagreeing-a-129887630.jpg4. If you’re used to doing nothing about call compliance, Litigator Scrub can be a tough sale.

Companies that prefer to do nothing about TCPA compliance – that is, take no proactive actions against the call prohibitions – tend to continue doing nothing. That’s too bad. Because even B2B companies that have zero Do Not Call and TCPA protections (even though the DNC National List registration is free to them, saving the $17,000 yearly fee) – even then, Litigator Scrub can easily be your least invasive most effective pre-scrubbing call procedure to help stay out of trouble. And with almost no number fallout like all the other protection procedures.

Just because you’ve never done anything to protect your B2B company against call prohibitions is no excuse to turn your nose up at a Litigator Scrub.

Eliminating the DNC, TCPA, FDCPA, FCRA and related Consumer Financial Protection Act lawsuit numbers from your customer and prospect call lists should be your number one priority today.

If you want to be around tomorrow.

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Bob Traylor

Written by Bob Traylor

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