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[Video] How easy is a Mobile Number Verification Solution to use? FCC Compliance

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 24, 2016 7:30:00 AM / by Bob Traylor

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, mobile marketers should have sufficient systems to identify recycled number changes: "Mobile content programs subscribed to by previous holders of a specific phone number do not continue to be delivered or billed to a subsequent holder of that number when it is reassigned." That means, all of a sudden, you need to find effective ways to verify current owners of your mobile contacts. But even then, if it's not real easy to use, you may not implement the thing at all! [Click Video]



Recycled number scrubbing needs to be "falling off a log" easy - or companies aren't going to use it.

Fortunately, right party verification on wireless calls is available through your Do-Not-Call Service Provider as an additional filter.

So as you identify and archive wireless, VoIP, Do Not Call Federal and State – those cherished express written consents (in the case of a solicitation or marketing call) or express consents (in the case of an informational call) can also be refreshed in real time. By providing the day on which your contact gave permission to call, the Mobile Verification filter matches "last touch date” for owner verification.


bigstock-Direct-Access-words-on-a-bow-a-80346089Direct-to-carrier access ensures amazingly reliable updates.

Caution: The FCC's ideas on solutions might not work so well day to day:

  • See if the person on the voicemail is still the same cell or landline owner.

  • Get your prospect to agree to contact you when they get a fresh number.

  • Sue your customer or prospect if they don’t inform you with new number variations.

  • If you use up your one call endeavor to check a number, and you don’t have success, you can’t attempt afresh.


Update your customer and prospect lists with Mobile Verifications through a Certified Do Not Call Law Provider.

You'll conserve time by bypassing the 25% incorrect numbers that rotate each year. And you'll keep cash by remaining compliant with the TCPA, FCC and vexatious attorneys.

For a free sample of Wireless Number Verifications for TCPA Compliant Contact - call me at 561-317-3001


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