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Part 2: How to scrub for Reassigned Numbers with a Mobile Verification System.

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 31, 2015 7:30:00 AM / by Hal Granoff



We continue our interview with Early Warning TCPA Reassigned Number Verification expert Hal Granoff. Click here for Part 1. 

It's interesting when we started gearing up for mobile identification in 2013, the TCPA was in the early stages of hitting number verification fines hard. And that’s about the time class actions got turned up around the TCPA. And as you may know, most class actions include some aspect of permission-based calling and recordkeeping. So the timing for us is actually really good in entering this market. And the need for a more accurate reassigned numbers solution is definitely there.

So how do you get Direct Access to Wireless Data anyway?

In our case, when the banks approached us in 2013 to solve their authentication problem, we were able to go out and secure the direct-to-carrier relationships. The banks knew their general data aggregators wouldn't be able to provide the degree of accuracy customers and the marketplace were demanding.

Are Reassigned Number Lookups a good value?

Compared to the alternatives: Class action fines, predatory attorney fees and other legal interruptions the FCC has facilitated - yes!

The FCC keeps fining folks between $500 and $1500 per call violation. A top 5 financial institution was recently held up for 75 million dollars in TCPA related fines. And these don't even include the predatory private right of action attorneys and their class actions!

Other issues include fueling TCPA litigations through auto-dialer definitions, vicarious liability, and consent concerns. 

Overall, much of the legalese around TCPA makes for a confusing landscape. It's much easier to implement a solution that helps reduce the potential of fines before infractions even occur.

What does it take to implement a Reassigned Number Solution?

It's easy.

  1. You access our infrastructure via FTP, API or similar process.

  2. Give us your phone numbers, along with last verified contact date.

  3. We'll return the real-time carrier refreshed data, along with right party verifications. 

Do I need to be a giant company to solve my Reassigned Numbers Issue?

We’re always looking for the big volume players. However, we can find ways to make it work whatever the size of the company. So if it’s a smaller business that only makes only a few thousand calls per month, we probably wouldn’t work with them directly, but we’ll find other ways to work with partners and direct relationships to get the job done. Please feel free to call me directly at 855-589-7541 or e-mail here hal.granoff@earlywarning.com. Now that the FCC has made reassigned number verifications on permission based calls a mandatory procedure for professional phone marketers, this might be a good time to take a look. 


For more information on Reassigned Mobile Number Verification, call Hal directly or call me on my personal line 561-317-3001 or contact me here.

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Hal Granoff

Written by Hal Granoff

Hal Granoff is a Business Director at Early Warning, providing innovative risk management solutions to a diverse network of 2,300 financial institutions, government entities and payment companies, enabling businesses and consumers to transact with security and convenience. Owned and governed by five of the largest banks in the United States, our unique business model facilitates a data exchange system based on collaborative intelligence and trusted exchange. Hal can be reached on his personal line at 480-426-2074.

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