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[Video] Why can’t we just Call our 10 million customers anyway?  (Because you need Number Verification for FCC Compliance first.)

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 15, 2016 7:30:00 AM / by Bob Traylor

Eternally frustrating to large enterprises that have become targets for smart attorneys looking for easy TCPA pickings: Number Verification before calling or "Reassigned Number Checks" as the FCC calls them. [Click Video] 



You've got alot of relationships built up over the years - and they do love you...

but taking some proactive steps to defend yourself from Do Not Call and Telephone Consumer Protection Act call litigations makes sense today. For large enterprises like you, that'll include number verification before calling. The FCC calls them "Reassigned Numbers" - i.e., people that have changed cell and landline numbers (mostly cell - that's where the money is).


The FCC says you're responsible

I know. How is that possible. These folks are your customers or your prospects, or you have some relationship with them. It's tough enough to retain their loyalty. And competition for their attention is brutal.

Nonetheless, you need to hire a company to double check

that you're calling the same person that gave you permission to call in the first place. Pricing starts about $.08 per verified number. Yup - that'll add up in a hurry. But the alternative, and it's a given, is you'll bump into one of the 25% of folks in densely populated areas that have switched cell numbers this year, and end up in court.

And the North American Numbering Plan for Cells is on Dialysis.

They don't have a whole lot of numbers to spare. So everyone is stepping on everyone else's toes. The quicker a number is reassigned, the greater the danger for big marketers reaching out.

And my neighborhood Call Aggregation/ Aggravation Meter is up.

When people start in with unsolicited call frustrations at the tennis court, grocery store or walking the dog - that ain't good. Fact is, complaints this January were up 38.9% over last. I used to think it was because the FCC has just given up on landlines - as they're routed all over the world now and can't be caught. But spammers seem to be sneaking in more and more mobile calls now.

So forgiveness levels are low or non-existent. As a marketer that wants to follow these rules, you're not going to get much recourse, patience or help from a Judge if you can't show any attempt to comply. Number verifications are a huge step in the right direction.


Please call me at 561-317-3001 or contact me here for more info - Bob 

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