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We’ve been in TCPA court - and may have found a good B2B calling solution.

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 9, 2017 2:32:05 PM / by Bob Traylor

"Our company was not adequately protected against TCPA call restrictions when reaching out. We found out the hard way: Being out of compliance can be expensive and time-consuming. Now, my primary goal is to get the companies in our internet loan industry protected and compliant as much as possible so that we are not seen as easy pickings by predatory attorneys." 


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When we found out how easy it can be for B2B's to comply, we were shocked.

We learned about the importance of a previous Litigator Scrub before calling. This helps eliminate professional TCPA litigators trying to “bait” us by filling out our online forms, or invalidate our contact procedures. There’s about 100,000 of them, and they’re causing most of the trouble. We now use it before all call campaigns.

Predatory attorneys are less likely to prosecute when you're partnered with a top TCPA Compliance Service Provider.

We discovered B2B’s are easy pickings for prosecutors because most aren't doing any compliance at all. According to top TCPA defense attorney Eric Allen at TelemarketingLawyer.com, “99% of B2B’s still think they’re exempt from the TCPA – and prosecutors know that.” Having the biggest, baddest name in the phone compliance business helps these prosecutors walk away without engaging.

The importance of scrubbing and archiving cell phone numbers.

No matter what equipment you're using to place calls, "where are your cell numbers?" is the first question the FTC, FCC, CFPB and attorneys will ask during an investigation. And it’s tough to claim we’re using a compliant calling method on cells when we’re not even identifying them. The wireless law changed in October 2013 making all wireless ownership subject to cell calling laws, whether business or consumer and B2B’s are subject to the new rules.

These compliance steps are not expensive and are easy to implement.

Whether you’re paying off prosecutors in $3000 settlement chunks or just taking a “wait and see” attitude on TCPA protections, it makes sense to be proactive in your protections. As we found out – as after they call us or file, it’s too late.

The larger class actions and big law firms tend to be on the heels of these ticky tack TCPA fines. Just because you settled doesn’t mean they’re really gone! These are the guys that can put you out of business, whether we’re right or not.

Whether you end up working with a consultant, or some other knowledgeable TCPA person or company, you'll find these and other key compliance insights invaluable going forward. You'll want to know and implement this stuff before problems occur.


But if you choose to go with a "business as usual - we've never had a problem" attitude, at least double check your current compliance procedures for potential liability exposure. Most compliance providers will offer this quick look as a free service.

Make sure you’re not just kidding yourself when it comes to compliance! That can get expensive in a hurry.


For more information on appropriate B2B Call Prohibition Protections, call me at 561-317-3001 or email here. And keep in mind, B2B companies have many inherent TCPA protections not afforded B2C companies - like free DNC National Registration, saving the $17,000 B2C's pay! 

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