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Does your Call Center Eliminate Former TCPA Litigators before calling? (It's an easy solution to help stop class action lawsuits!)

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 19, 2016 7:30:00 AM / by Bob Traylor

Who is most likely to sue your call center under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act? The guy that's done it before, of course! He's also the most skilled. And if someone files a suit against you under the TCPA, right or wrong, you still have to defend it. So why call these Litigious Consumer Professionals in the first place? They're nothing but trouble.


Did you hear about the guy that filled out the Home Improvement form at Costo – 

Then turned around and sued the home improvement company when they called. It turns out the guy’s a pro. Does this for a living. Taking advantage of the one-way consumer-friendly Telephone Consumer Protection Act laws. (Most everyone is doing SOMETHING wrong on lead forms that a pro can latch onto. Can you say, "no consent language.")

If your call center is not getting rid of these predators before calling – these repeat Do Not Call and TCPA filers - you’re asking for trouble. And you’re not doing your clients any compliance favors. The folks that trust you to help convert those contacts.

Why would you contact former TCPA Litigants? 

Seems like a no-brainer. That all call centers would eliminate the pros before calling. But most companies only end up scrubbing out former TCPA claimants from their cell phone lists for two reasons: 1. their General Council demands it – or 2. they are already in court. 

Most companies do NOT use Litigator Scrub because:

  • We don't need to fix our calling lists if they're not broke!

  • We haven’t had any problems.

  • Our clients are responsible for their own TCPA protections.

  • I have enough problems without that.

  • Scrubbing previous litigators implies liability exposure on my part.


Your clients want to know who the former TCPA Litigators are.

And in the spirit of taking care of those clients - As a call center, virtual dialer company, lead aggregator – someone involved in procuring and closing leads – it's your responsibility to help them go around the compliance storm. To not walk into the traps. The folks just waiting to receive a call, and sue. A smile on their face. Salivating over how slowly they can bleed you out Whether they win or lose, your clients still have to defend the suit. 


When Lawyers call me about B2B pending lawsuits, the ruffian could have easily been eliminated before calling.

Heck, calling cell numbers on poisoned Linked-in and Twitter calling lists is dangerous enough. But calling the cells that are owned by the pros? The ones that have sued before - Marketing suicide.

Use Litigator Scrub to get more clients for your Call Center.

You want your center to be have a differentiator, right? To have something many centers are not taking advantage of – that could make a real difference to your clients. Hey, all centers are touting better processes, higher per agent production, better ROI yadda yada. But how about promoting something different. How about telling prospective clients you don't call people that have sued before under the TCPA! Far and away, the most critical contribution you can make to your patrons. 

The best things about Litigator Scrub:

  • You’re not cutting down substantially on callable number inventory. (There are only 100,000 numbers on the list.)

  • You’re keeping up to date with and avoiding the latest, most dangerous, most skilled TCPA filers. (The list is updated at 1,000 to 1,200 numbers per month.)

  • You’ll have clients that'll keep making calls - and can keep on paying you. (Instead of putting that money towards hefty legal fees.)

One way or another, you'll get dragged into TCPA litigation once it starts.

So let’s get the former Litigators out.

Before they get started.

And it's too late.


For more information, call me on my personal line at 561-317-3001 or email me here - Bob


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