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9 Reasons your Call Center Manager needs a Compliance Expert.

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 15, 2015 7:30:00 AM / by Bob Traylor


How many clients do you lose by saying, “We don’t do compliance” to your new or existing customers? Or, “Our customers are on their own when it comes to TCPA protections.” Or worse, “We’ve never had a DNC or TCPA issue.” And your clients should be confused! Even TCPA Lawyers don't know of any more DNC TCPA clarifications coming after the June 10th 2015 Declaratory Ruling cell update. And those rulings seem to be based on the atrocious non-compliant  “bad actors” actions – so what’s a law-abiding call center to do?


How to Choose a DNC TCPA Partner - Video

This video is for informational purposes. Be sure to consult your own attorney for questions specific to your business.


9 Reasons to have a DNC TCPA Certified Compliance Partner available:

  1. To save sales!

    Compliance is delicate stuff. Answers to your new and existing client questions can either be ignored, or used to scare them to death, or framed in a way that solves their dilemma and helps them move forward. Coming from a certified 3rd party, compliance can carry alot more weight.

  2. Your clients are confused about TCPA compliant procedures.

    confused_businessman_questionmarkNew FCC Updates continue to talk about the expectation of “Future Capacity of an ATDS”, rather than the generally accepted “Present Capacity.” A paralyzing change when reaching out to cell owners for your clients. Right-Party Verification responsibility will continue to be an issue, now with single call allowances. Should your client use a mobile scoring procedure to have an edge there? They’ll want to know these and lots more, and you’re better off introducing it through your compliance partner than sending them out to search for the love. (Also, the more you talk, the more you imply liability exposure - and that can come back to bite you!)

  3. Let you know what's going on in the courts.

    Again, your clients are frightened here. Lots of half-truths out there. Most will have some secret sauce when it comes to calling prohibitions. From our experience, more often than not, clients are dreaming if they think most home-grown compliance procedures will hold up under legal scrutiny. Example: Lead generation forms not detailed enough on who exactly will be calling back. Making sure wording is correct to survive a judge's interpretation here.

  4. Some of your customers think they’ll never be compliant, so they won’t even try.

    I_Give_Up_on_DNC_Compliance_List_Scrubbing“Everything is just too complicated,” they say. Again, they need to be taken by the hand, or things aren’t going to go well for you – or them. Some call centers have had to let clients go that had indicated, after several compliance false starts, they had no interest in proper protections.

  5. Over suppression.

    Believe it or not, we see as much over suppression as we do under suppression. Example: Auto dealerships not reaching out customers who gave their cell number as a contact. Management said, “do not call cells ever.”

  6. A certified DNC TCPA compliance partner can help with account retention.

    At some point, your customer will have a legal scare. A threatening call or letter. Maybe a professional litigant. A call center manager talking about compliance might be just enough for more confusion. But a certified DNC/TCPA Compliance partner will have a good chance of retaining that account with little or no change in many cases.

  7. When your client's Private Right of Action Summons arrives, it'll be too late.

    As a call center manager, you don’t want to muddy up the compliance playing field so nobody can fix it. From the beginning, work with a certified DNC/TCPA partner to set up defendable positions for both you and your clients should a problem occur.

  8. "But Bob, proper compliance procedures will leave nobody left to call."

    Never_let_your_fear_decide_your_futureThis one’s not as bad as you might think, especially for B2B companies shoring up legal protections. Proper compliance procedures will cut out the folks that have signed up for call prohibitions lists and aren’t going to buy anything anyway. These folks will also have a greater chance of filing a complaint with government agencies – or suing you themselves. Your B2B calls, of course, will have a much smaller number of scrubbed numbers, retaining most of your original calling list. Again, recordkeeping is the key here. Whether it be recording conversations, scrubbing lists, making sure cells get called using the right dialing equipment.  So if you do make a mistake, your proper procedures will have every chance of surviving legal inspection.

  9. To start their permission-based marketing universe today. The most overlooked exception to the DNC & TCPA.

    This is a way of the phone contact future, and your clients better get started on it. Express consent expires, so you’ll need to start all over again at some point to touch base. Permission to call last forever, and is the biggest exception to the Do Not Call Laws – but almost nobody is using it.


In summary:

This is just a sprinkling of how compliance can help grow new customers and retain old ones. Don’t let your client’s questions go unanswered. They’re actually buying and retention opportunities. Every one of your customers is thinking about what’s best for them. Are their call compliance procedures up to industry standards? As rules change - State, National, best practices - will their processes change also? 

Call centers with warm and fuzzy answers and implementations to tough compliance issues will continue to be winners in the end.  And it starts with a certified DNC TCPA Compliance Partner.


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