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Litigator Scrub becomes Top TCPA Compliant Tool.

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 7, 2016 7:30:00 AM / by Bob Traylor

Litigator Scrub has quickly turned out to be one of the most effective DNC TCPA safeguards to help companies stay compliant when calling cells. As the FCC continues to be murky with TCPA interpretations and has neglected to give guidance as these cases end up in court - phone marketers don't want to tangle with legal defenses if at all practicable. An excellent way to do that? Don't call the 90,000 previous professional litigators at all - 40% of whom have prosecuted several times following the laws. [Click Video]


How are former TCPA Litigants Compiled?

Up until a few years ago, most litigation data was compiled for lawyers prosecuting similar cases - not particularly specializing in phone numbers. Today, a good TCPA previous litigation call list includes every landline, VoIP and cell number associated with each case. This is a daunting task involving phone append data and consumer identity certainty algorithms. It should also include a way to add numbers ongoingly. Present DNC, TCPA, FDCPA, and FCRA updates total around 1200 per month and are arguably the most valuable safety information of all.

How did Litigator grow to be so Successful?

The FCC has designed a perfect hurricane scenario for predatory consumer litigants. Hot legal pockets all over the Country continue to award enormous compensation for what might be recognized as insignificant breaches in the past. Business callers are accidentally calling mobile numbers that are now not designeted "consumer" or "business" phones - and Attorneys send out demand letters in bulk, taking full advantage. Some distribute apps for simple consumer accusations. And the top prize of TCPA litigation, class actions, are always lurking in the backdrop. See our blog: "B2B's must scrub cells now"

The Consumer TCPA suit Community - a Happy Place!

Consumers that have successfully sued companies under the statutes are a festive group, in sort of a demented way. Blog and website happy faces everywhere. Think about it: If you owe money, and they call you incorrectly, and you sue them and win - you'll want to share that. You've sparked something deep within your own DNA. Forget that you might still owe the money. Of course you do. But you've fought back and won! Here's a "how-to-sue-telemarketers" sample.

Where did all these Litigators come from anyway?

How do you get upset enough and have the time, energy and education to create a community of TCPA litigant addicts? This spirit was born through technology abuse. Early on in dialer history, calls made via a computer far outstripped any phone etiquette or respect for recipients. Yes, it yielded results - but at the expense of making consumers crazy. And now abusive calls can be routed all over the world, making them tougher to source.  

New schemes are resurfacing every day. Have you received the quick hangup on five consecutive calls? When you return the call, a message says, "Thank you for calling. In order to be taken off our calling list, you must enter your phone number. You will not be taken off our list unless you do." Of course when you enter your number it will be sold to other scammers as a "live" cell. Check out a similar new scam here.

And we've all experienced the daily, "This is Jean your local Google ad lady. We have front page space for you today..." click. 

Is your company unknowingly subject to these Professional TCPA Litigators?

You bet you are. Motivated folks that specialize in making life miserable for phone marketers. Websites exchanging information on how to trip you up. Lawyers advertising interactive complaint forms on every page.

Once you've called a pro, it's too late.

Like fly paper. Like mud wrestling. Like getting stuck in quicksand. Once you've done the deed, you'll need to respond to the accusatory situation. Not good for your heart palpitations. Risking reputation, assets and money making ability. Hiring your own Attorney to know EXACTLY how to respond and what to say. 

So consider including a former TCPA Litigant scrub in your calling initiatives. 

You won't lose alot of numbers because the list is small. And a Litigant List is not expensive. It's also an easy way to start a relationship with a top Do Not Call Law Compliance Service Provider with a proven track record. Someone a Judge will listen to! And the cost/benefit ratio of Litigator Scrub can't be beat in helping avoid $16,000 fines and potential class actions in the millions of dollars. 


For more information in Litigator Scrub, call me on my personal line at 561-317-3001 or contact me here - Bob

Updated March 9th, 2016: We've added our Video "Litigator Scrub has quietly become one of the most popular Do Not Call & TCPA safeguards."

Updated June 24th, 2016: Be sure to scrub webforms and on-site information fliers with Litigator Scrub before callbacks. Recently, a Costco member filled out a home improvement information form onsite, requesting a callback to two numbers. The member then turned around and sued the home improvement company providing the service, claiming improper consent language on the type of callback. Both numbers were on our Litigator Scrub List. So litigation could have easily been avoided had the leads been checked.


Check out Bob's Award Winning Videos on our YouTube Channel here.

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