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Misuse of Avatar Calls. Shame on you Telemarketers.

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 19, 2018 11:00:00 AM / by Bob Traylor

bigstock--215604928.jpgAvatars now talk "over" call recipients with introductions that go on and on. Calling "in response to your request for information" - a lie. Threatening with bold officer-like fundraising voices from scam police associations. On the flip side, Avatars remain one of the most effective technologies for phone solicitors. Too bad the telemarketing industry has overstepped reasonable marketing boundaries once again - leading to robocall express written consent classification of the technology, severely restricting legal use.

Wow, Avatars have quickly become a pain point for consumers.

Who's writing the script for these illegal calls lately anyway? If the intro goes on and on - you can't have a conversation  - eliminating the illusion of a live person. By the third attempt begging the automated caller not to torture you, you might get an "Oh; we won't call you anymore." But it's unlikely.

When the thrill of a live caller is gone - panic and resentment set in.

Remember that first moment you realized you're not talking to a live person. A person that sounded like the friendliest voice you've ever heard. That initial betrayal. The slight. That moment forever cemented your lack of trust in picking up the phone. To a whole new level.

Some Avatars call back again, and again.

Because they don't listen, respond or care, Avatars just call back when you hang up. So you're stuck by merely picking up your phone. No opportunity, in the script anyway, to be taken of the list.

Other Avatars call and hang up, call and hang up - so you'll call back.

So if they ever get to court, the company can say, "No your Honor, the consumer called me! Look, I don't have any call completions to this number on your subpoenaed records." 

Avatars traditionally haven't followed call compliance rules.

I once asked an Avatar designer about his call compliance procedures, and he just laughed. "Most of my guys are located offshore and don't consider call prohibitions an issue." He said. However, this was before Avatars got tagged as robocalls last year. Going from a 2009 internal letter of approval within the FCC, to the new analysis of hated automated calls based on mountains of consumer complaints in 2016. What a ride.

So it'll be interesting if the new Avatar call order is enforceable. So far the Government hasn't been able to find rogue robocallers. (Calls routed all over the world and untraceable.) Maybe they'll have better luck with Avatars.  

Avatars - another great technology misused. 

In a long line of misuses by some of our Telemarketing industry participants. 


For additional call compliance tips and solutions, call me on my personal line at 561-317-3001 or email here - Bob


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