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How Ringless Direct-To-Voicemail Broadcasting is TCPA Compliant for Debt Collectors

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 12, 2015 7:30:00 AM / by Bob Traylor


If you're a Debt Collector looking to increase cell phone penetration - you know TCPA compliance fines can put you out of business. Reaching out and interrupting consumers with your call can cause complaints. And big money. And live associate calling is expensive. But Direct-to-Voicemail Ringless Broadcasting sends one voicemail to thousands of consumers quickly - without ringing the phone and without charging for the call - and without causing complaints! 

And straight to voicemail enterprise technology carries TCPA, FDCPA and FCRA compliance a step further - by never touching the wireless network at all! Here's what you need to know.


Ringless Voicemail Broadcasting Basics: click video

This video is for informational purposes. Be sure to consult your own attorney for questions specific your business.

Mobile phone Direct-to-Voicemail for Business works because the voicemail system is non-interruptive. Your customers return calls when - and how, they want. Creating lots of inbound inquiries. And inbound calls are always compliant. No matter what.

Debt Collectors, Credit Card Services and Student Loan Contractors that use this delivery method tell us they receive fewer complaints than even live associates calling cell phone numbers. And the cost-effective program beats the expense of hiring outbound agents to leave messages on machines all day long.

So the cell inventory penetration advantages are evident. But the volume of inbound callbacks is also impressive. And the folks that call back know exactly why they are calling. This, of course, is a boon for associates trying to collect from—and help— consumers with their outstanding balances.


Directly Delivering Pre-Recorded Audio Messages to Voicemail seems to be TCPA Compliant so far.

With over a million messages per month delivered directly over the last three years without complaint, the technology seems to do well in real-world applications. Of course, you could be the first, and without a court case or FCC declaratory ruling to fall back on, there are no guarantees.

But we think the technology is worth a serious look. Debt collectors have been hit hard with compliance related fines, forcing many to consolidate, and in some cases, go out of business.

And to be clear, this is NOT the app for breaking up with your girlfriend when you don’t want to talk to her! This is for robust, problem-free enterprise delivery of thousands of messages.

Because Direct-To-Voicemail is based on 30 year old cell phone voicemail technology, not all messages can be delivered. The system, of course, is not static. And many peoples’ cell message systems are full, or not taking messages, or not hooked up. But collectors don’t seem to care, as they are only charged for the messages that are delivered. And each campaign includes a free real-time cell phone identification report. Something you’ll need anyway to keep up with TCPA regulations.

So why aren't the Debt Collectors lining up to shout the praises of Directly Delivered Cell Messages?


When Debt Collectors get an advantage over their competition, they’re pretty quiet about it. In fact, all the debt collectors we’ve worked with are happy to talk about Direct-to-Voicemail Cell Phone Messaging privately, but you can forget about them making a public appearance on its behalf! “Let them figure it out!”


In Summary:

Direct-To-Voicemail Broadcasting has been a dream of companies wanting to communicate with consumers for years. This enterprise-level solution directly delivers or "drops" discrete, non-interruptive complete informational messages that consumers listen to when they are ready. It even identifies and archives your cells before each campaign in real time, something you'll need to do anyway for TCPA Compliance. (See our page: "Cell Scrubbing - are you doing it right.") This is not true of intrusive voiceblasting; with Direct-to-Voicemail Cell Messaging, consumers listen to the complete message and have returned calls at a 7% to 11% callback rate. And the system has fewer complaints than even live associates.

With relatively few companies using this technology, it might be a good time to kick the tires and take it for a test drive. If everybody starts using it…well, maybe it won’t be quite as effective as it has proven to be today for the lucky few!

We promise we won’t tell you have an unfair advantage in consumer inbound call creation!

For more information on Direct-To-Voicemail Cell Messaging just call my personal line at 561-317-3001. Or see our page "Ringless Direct-To-Voicemail Broadcasting for Business".


Editors note: In looking for a Direct to Voicemail system for your business, make sure you test, ask the right questions, and test again. Make sure complete messages are double carrier certified at both start and finish – or you are not charged. That messages are clear, the phone does not ring, and the delivery rate is extremely high. The TCPA and CFPB are aware of the landline delivery system to cell voicemail platform, and so far, have not had issue with it. Ringless Direct-To-Voicemail Broadcasting for Business is not designed for cold calling or non-relationship communication.


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