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Ringless Voicemail transforms Debt Collection Industry with Direct Drops.

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 28, 2016 7:30:00 AM / by Neal Jagoda

bigstock--165163664.jpgNeal Jagoda, VP of VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail, was kind enough to spend a few minutes with us at the American Collections Association Show in Denver last week. Neal has been quietly transforming the debt collections industry for the last five years helping companies effectively penetrate their cell phone inventory without complaints or lawsuits – or dialers. Listen to what Neal has to say about collections and how to safely reach out to consumers. Take it away Neal - 

Is Ringless Voicemail a sustainable substitute for dialer technology?

We’ve seen debt collection legal departments and management threaten to shut down dialers across the board. Companies are becoming a lot more conservative due to lawsuits and TCPA. We have been fortunate in helping a lot of those clients to help penetrate mobile phones without the usual dialer complaints.

3 Reasons to Directly Drop voice messages:

  1. Voicemail does not fall under TCPA. It’s an enhanced information service that falls under Computer Inquiry II of 1980. Everyone has a notion of, “You deliver a voicemail and, well, that’s TCPA” – and in the past that would have been correct because you actually called the cell phone. And when you call the cell phone, you’re triggering TCPA. We have a patented signaling technology that was built on the Georgia Tech Campus and partly funded by the State of Georgia to deliver a message straight to the voicemail box through the signaling layer of the wireless carriers.

  2. This is really important, and a lot of people don’t realize this – but your voicemail is not on your phone.  Your voicemail is at the carriers data center. So imagine losing your phone – you’d lose all your text messages – you’d lose everything. But guess what: You could use your friend's phone to call in and retrieve all your voicemails. Because, again, they’re not on your phone.

  3. After delivering the message directly to the voicemail box, we’re gone. Within a minute, the carrier will deliver a message to the mobile phone letting the person know they have a voicemail waiting.


Safely - our clients make alot of money.

Picture yourself, or your loved one, driving a car right now with your child in the back seat. And the phone is ringing. A collector is calling that phone, whether it’s through a dialer or manual call – and your wife answers that phone. Well, first of all, that’s not safe. Secondly, it’s somebody asking about a debt, and they have no idea who this person is. It’s a very uncomfortable situation. 

What we've found is a debtor receiving a direct-to-voicemail message, and answering that call when they get home, is comfortable returning the communication. They appreciate the fact that we put consumers in control of the debt collection process.

We don't do telemarketing.

We don't want to start delivering Carnival Cruise Line promotions on voicemail. That’s not what we do. We deliver messages for the collections vertical,  student loans, student loan rehabbing, and a very small amount of reminder messages for health care, insurance, and loans.


bigstock-Final-Notice-4543570.jpgWe believe consumers do want to pay their debts.

It’s our core tenant at VoApps. Consumers just don’t want to be ambushed with a call. So we believe sending these reminder messages, whether it’s one or two a week, is a much less intrusive and consumer friendly way of communicating.

You're not going to get complaints. You're not going to be badgering folks. And when they do call you back, they'll know exactly why they are calling.


For more information on safely penetrating your cell phone inventory with ringless direct drop voicemail, call Neal directly on his personal line at  561-339-7778 or email njagoda@voapps.com - Bob 


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Neal Jagoda

Written by Neal Jagoda

Neal Jagoda, ringless voicemail Direct Drop Guru has been transforming the way debt collectors effectively penetrate cell phone inventories for the past five years. Working tirelessly with many top General Councils in the space, Neal has not only helped debt collectors survive, but prosper, in this often difficult and TCPA challenged environment for consumers and collectors.

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