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Litigator Scrub helps Stop TCPA Lawsuits for Call Centers.

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 5, 2016 8:30:00 AM / by Bob Traylor

Wait a minute. Litigator Scrub is not a TCPA requirement, right? So why should call centers use it?

Calls Centers: Make sure you don't call folks that have sued previously under the Do Not Call and TCPA. Why? Because the FCC has not given conclusive direction on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act's legal inerpretations, and because we don't know what Judges are going to do when challenged under the statute. These laws are so heavily in favor of the consumer; it's best to stay away from former pro litigants altogether. These are the folks most likely - and most capable - of suing again under the call prohibition statutes, and winning.



Pro litigants can set traps for marketers.

Professional consumer litigants set TCPA traps by filling out lead forms asking for more information. Then turn around and sue the phone marketing company or business providing the product or service. A professional consumer TCPA prosecutor can usually find something to sue about. And you are at least partly responsible, along with the owner of the company on whos behalf you're making calls, for TCPA compliance. 

bigstock-Devil-In-Black-Business-Suit--117110432.jpgProfessional TCPA consumer prosecutors laugh at call center owners.

Laugh at how easy it is to sue phone marketers. How they always win. And if they don't, it doesn't cost 'em much. The burden of proof is always on the company making the calls. It's even O.K. for claimants to fudge the truth once in awhile. And O.K. to not tell a phone marketer their number was recently changed, or they're calling the wrong person - or he's going to sue after all this self-incriminating information is freely given by call associates.

Why would any call center contact a professional TCPA consumer prosecutor, ever - 

As they've sued and beaten so many phone marketers and businesses over the years. These guys particularly like suing B2B companies lately. As B2B's still think they're exempt from the TCPA. Virtually all are not registered with the National DNC list, they don't scrub and identify cells before calling, and they don't hand-dial calls where they should. Easy money, Like shooting ducks in a pond. 

It's not enough to just bring Litigator Scrub up at your next executive meeting. To have some serious talks about it. To make it high on your compliance agenda. You've got to use Litigator for it to work!.

bigstock-Risk-Mitigation-words-on-a-roa-100492145.jpgWhen your call center get's sued, it's too late.

Unfortunately, Litigator Scrub doesn't work unless you use it before calling. Before you're legally challenged. Before you get served. Just one call can set in motion that chain of dreaded TCPA litigation. You can't just pretend you'd never visited that person. Even if you're right, you still have to defend it! 

Even if you know about Litigator Scrub, you may not be using it.

Your call center might not be able to justify the expense of Litigator Scrub. Accounting might not be able to figure the ROI. And sales & marketing can't see how litigator would contribute to overall company market share. Compliance departments love Litigator, but they don't control budgets. 

Now that you're in court, the importance of Litigator Scrub is, well, invaluable.

To be fair, the outcome of not using Litigator Scrub before calling is kind of tough to measure. Until you get sued, that is.

What's the value of:

  • No court tie-ups.

  • No TCPA court filings to defend.

  • Not worrying about call center associates saying the wrong thing that could kill us in court.

So don't miss out on one of your call center's best TCPA practices today. Don't forget to cull out the bad guys before calling. The ones that have sued before. 

With Litigator Scrub. 


For more information on Litigator Scrub, just call me on my personal line at 561-317-3001 or e-mail me here - Bob


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