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B2B Callers should register with the DNC List now

Small and medium-sized business cannot afford to ignore the National Do-Not-Call Registry. 

At the recent PACE summit in Washington, DC, the Federal Trade Commission reiterated its concern that, for many small- to medium-sized businesses, phone lines serve dual purposes. Just because a small business makes its number available in the marketplace doesn’t mean it should lose its right to register that same number on the National Do Not Call Registry.

About 25 percent of small- to medium-sized businesses have their numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry (according to D&B). Are some of these numbers among your B2B contacts? Consider this:

  • Businesses that have placed their numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry will have a higher propensity to complain.
  • Businesses that have placed their numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry have, by doing so, indicated they’re not going to buy anything from telemarketers, anyway. It may not be worth the effort—and the risk—to call. 

By registering your business with the National Do Not Call Registry as an exempt B2B entity, you will:

  • Save the $17,000 yearly registration fee normally charged to register all area codes.
  • Be able to use your registered Subscription Authorization Number as a basis for compliant scrubbing procedures.
  • Demonstrate your willingness to comply in your phone outreach initiatives. That can go a long way should government agencies come calling!

We’ve always recommended businesses calling other businesses scrub against the National DNC Registry using their B2B exemption. But it appears the FTC has become even more stringent in protecting consumer’s rights for small businesses recently. And with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau re-interpreting the TCPA as they wish, it’s now a prudent business decision to register and scrub against the National List on your B2B calls. You won’t get lots of number fallout – and it’ll help keep you out of trouble. And like we say, “Hey – they ain’t going to buy anything anyway!” Call me at 561-317-3001 to discuss your personal situation, and we can also assist with your free registration. 

Still got questions? Contact Bob.